Quick Tips: Backing up Before Break

Spring break is just around the corner! Whether you’re traveling somewhere tropical or just binging Netflix from the comfort of your couch, this extra free time is also a great opportunity for spring cleaning and backing up your computer files.  

One of the best ways to back up your devices is to copy files onto an external hard drive. These devices plug directly into your computer and allow you to transfer and store electronic copies of all your files and data. To help make the process easier, many Apple and PC devices come equipped with software to copy and transfer your files.

Learn more about backing up an Apple computer.

Learn more about backing up a PC with a Microsoft operating system.

Don't forget—you can also store files for free on Box at Penn State. While it's not recommended to back up your entire computer to Box, you can securely store your documents and photos to the cloud, ensuring you'll never misplace or lose your assignments and research papers.

Happy spring break and spring cleaning!