Multimedia Resources to Help You Stand Out

Throughout your academic career at Penn State, you might be tasked with incorporating multimedia elements into an assignment. Although filming a video or creating a stunning PowerPoint can be daunting at first, there are plenty of resources at Penn State that can help you excel at these digital projects.


Media Commons

Penn State’s Media Commons staff can help you through each stage of your project from planning to post-production. With locations at every Penn State campus, the Media Commons offers production training modules and information on copyright laws, as well as tools to help you back up your project files. Find out more by visiting the Media Commons website.


Maker Commons

Located at Penn State University Park within Pattee Library’s Knowledge Commons, the Maker Commons lets students, faculty, and staff members from any Penn State campus submit and create 3-D prints from a variety of free pattern options. The service is available at no additional cost and requires no previous experience with 3-D printing. Visit the Maker Commons website to learn more.

The Maker Commons also houses the Invention Studio, a space where Penn Staters can rapidly prototype devices using littleBits, electronic building blocks that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of innovations. Request an appointment and find out more by visiting the Invention Studio website.


One Button Studio

Equipped with all the tools you need to create video productions, the One Button Studio takes the guesswork out of video recording. No prior filming experience is necessary, and all that’s required is a flash drive and an idea. The best part? The studio is available at no additional cost for all students, faculty, and staff members. Find your nearest location and learn more by visiting the One Button Studio site.


MediaTech Equipment Rentals

Need to take photos or create an audio recording for a class but don’t have the equipment? Check out MediaTech in the Wagner Annex at University Park campus. Students, faculty, and staff members can rent a variety of equipment including high-quality audio recorders and microphones, video cameras, tripods, and much more. Equipment rented for course assignments is available at no additional cost, but other uses may be subject to rental fees. For more information, visit the MediaTech website.