Tutorial Roundup

As a current Penn State student, you have access to thousands of high-quality video tutorials, day or night, from at no additional cost to you. tutorials are created by industry experts and cover a variety of topics ranging from Adobe Photoshop and HTML coding to business and communication tips.

Here’s a roundup of five courses to help you stand out in the classroom and on the job market.

Overcoming Procrastination

With so many activities going on around Penn State’s many campus locations, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on—or start—your assignments. The “Overcoming Procrastination” course can help you identify the reasons behind procrastination as well as develop action plans to increase productivity and efficiency.

Information Literacy

For any research project, you’ll need to have strong information literacy skills, meaning you can find, evaluate, and use reliable information. By taking the “Information Literacy” course, you’ll have a better understanding of where to find information online (e.g., online databases, e-books, and archives) and how to evaluate sources for accuracy and bias.

Acing Your Interview

Job interviews can be intimidating—you might not know what to say, how to dress, or how to prepare. Thankfully, the “Acing Your Interview” course has you covered. With topics ranging from answering interview questions to making a good first impression, this course has the tools you need to impress potential employers.

Grammar Fundamentals

No matter your major, you’ll most likely complete a variety of writing assignments throughout your college career. Because of this, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of English grammar. The “Grammar Fundamentals” course offers a brief overview of some of the most challenging grammar topics including commas, passive and active voice, and using parallel sentence structure.

Rock Guitar: Teach Yourself to Play courses don’t just cover topics related to productivity or professional development—they can also teach you a new hobby! If you’ve ever wanted to play along to your favorite rock song, check out the “Rock Guitar: Teach Yourself to Play” course. This introduction to guitar covers everything from how to hold the instrument to reading music, so you’ll be playing along in no time.

Now that you have an idea of what’s available, log in to with your Penn State Access Account and start learning new skills today!