Learn a New Hobby this Summer with Lynda.com

Angela Kendall

The weather is warmer, campus is quieter, and the Berkey Creamery ice cream is more refreshing than ever—it’s officially summer at Penn State! Whether you’re taking a few summer classes or simply enjoying the free time of vacation, consider learning a new hobby with lynda.com.

This week’s roundup offers everything from introductions to photography and drawing to a crash course on the ukulele. Just log in to lynda.psu.edu with your Penn State Access Account to get started.


Introduction to Web Design and Development

Considering a major or career in web development? Take the “Introduction to Web Design and Development” course to learn more about HTML, CSS, and working with content management systems. This course also features brief interviews with successful designers from various specialities of web development.


Drawing Foundations: Fundamentals

Grab a sketchbook and a pencil and take your illustrations to the next level with the “Drawing Foundations: Fundamentals” course. This course breaks down drawing into three principles—shape, simplicity, and structure—and provides practical examples and drawing assignments. You’ll also learn about negative space, tone, and choosing the right tools to turn your drawings into a work of art.


Introduction to Photography

Thanks to smartphones, it’s easier than ever before to become an amateur photographer. Take the “Introduction to Photography” course to learn how to boost your skills through composition, exposure, and editing. After covering the basics, check out the large selection of other photography courses available on lynda.com.


Ukulele Lessons: Fundamentals

Spend your summer learning the ukulele with the “Ukulele Lessons: Fundamentals” course. This beginner course walks you through such topics as reading music notation, changing chords, and fingerpicking. With a little practice, you’ll be strumming along in no time.


Learning Calligraphy

If you’re looking to improve your handwriting or explore the art of hand lettering, check out the “Learning Calligraphy” course. You’ll learn about the materials needed to master the art and how to write capital and lowercase letters, as well as how to add flourishes and design elements to your lettering.