Introducing Zoom, Penn State’s New Video Conferencing Platform

Need to collaborate with a classmate or professor hundreds of miles away? Check out Penn State’s new video conferencing platform, Zoom! With comparable features to Adobe Connect, Zoom offers free cloud-based video conferencing to all Penn State students, faculty, and staff.

Zoom was chosen as Penn State’s new video conferencing platform as a result of a successful pilot consisting of more than 2,000 students, faculty, and staff members across seven campus locations. After eleven months of piloting the available options, participants determined Zoom best meets the strategic needs of the University.

If you’re an Adobe Connect user, the service will still be available through spring 2018, and more information on deadlines and timelines will be shared soon.

So whether you’re participating in an online interview or just want to chat with family and friends at home, Zoom’s high-quality video and audio features can help you seamlessly connect and collaborate.

For more information on using Zoom, visit the Zoom at Penn State website.