Free Tutorials to Prep for Life After Graduation

Katie Bohn

With graduation only a month away, it’s time for seniors to start thinking about plans for after Penn State. Maybe you’re moving on to graduate school or thinking of venturing out on your own and starting a small business. Whatever your plans, check out these free courses to help you prepare.

Test Prep: GRE

If you’re thinking about continuing your education at graduate or business school, you’ll have to take the GRE test. With this course, a full-time GRE tutor will walk you through each section of the exam: analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. You’ll learn proven studying techniques and complete sample problems to help you prepare for testing day.

Become a Successful Job Hunter Learning Path

Ready to hit the job market? This learning path compiles various tutorials on finding and securing your dream job. Videos cover such topics as developing a career path, turning your internship into a job, and mastering common interview questions.

Creating Your Personal Brand

When you’re out networking with potential employers, it’s important to understand how you’re presenting yourself. With the Creating Your Personal Brand course, you’ll learn how to market yourself in person and on social media all while maintaining a cohesive brand.

Publishing on LinkedIn for College Students and Young Professionals

After you have your personal brand nailed down, consider promoting it on LinkedIn. Sharing content on LinkedIn is a great way to connect with employers and peers from around the world. With the Publishing on LinkedIn for College Students and Young Professionals course, you’ll learn what kind of content to publish, how to engage with commenters, and how to promote your work.

Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

Thinking of starting your own business after graduation? Take the Entrepreneurship Fundamentals course to learn more about developing a small business, from the initial idea to managing and funding growth. You’ll also learn how to build a great team and manage stress in those early months of development.