Create a Website in Six Easy Steps

Angela Kendall

Did you know Penn State students, faculty, and staff have access to an easy-to-use website builder at no additional cost? Sites at Penn State is a WordPress-powered website building platform that lets you create blogs, online portfolios, and more just by logging in with your Penn State Access Account. To create your first site, follow these six easy steps:


1. To get started, visit and click the “Create a Site” button.

2. Log in with your Penn State Access Account username and password.

3. Choose your site address. This will be your site’s URL address and will appear as “” This cannot be changed and must be at least four characters with no spaces or special characters.

4. Choose your site title. This will typically be used as your site’s header on the homepage.

5. Set your site’s privacy settings.

6. Click the “Create a Site” button.


That’s all there is to it! For more help on creating and customizing your site, visit the Sites at Penn State support page.