Ask a Penn State Student: Leo Skoronski

Two students standing at EPCOT in Walt Disney World
We’re always curious about what students think about the technology available at Penn State, so we figured we’d go straight to the source!

Full Name: Leo Skoronski

Major: Corporate innovation and entrepreneurship  

Year: Junior


1. What technologies at Penn State do you use the most?

On campus, the technologies I use the most are the printers. Every semester I always end up having to buy more pages because I print so much.  

All Penn State students are allocated 110 subsidized printing sheets per semester. Students can purchase additional sheets at any time for $0.05 each. For more information, visit the Classroom and Lab Computing website.


2. What’s your favorite technology service you have access to as a student?

I think the online databases for articles and research available through the libraries are the best resource we have access to as students. They’re so helpful and make it easy to do research without ever having to leave my apartment.  


3. What technology resources do you wish you would have known about as an incoming first-­year student?

As an incoming freshman, I wish I knew more about using the online databases. I learned what they were, but I never really learned how to use them until later.  

For more information on using the library databases and other research tools, visit the University Libraries’ website.


4. What Penn State technologies do you recommend students to take advantage of?

To be honest, I feel like I still don’t know all of the technologies I have access to as a student. I wish I knew more of what was available to me so I can recommend it to others.  

Students can find out more about information technology resources available at Penn State on the Connect to Tech website. The site details a variety of technologies including wireless Internet service, free software downloads, online storage space, and more.


5. Where’s your favorite place to study on campus?

My favorite place on campus to study is the fourth floor of the Business Building.