Ask a Penn State Student: Ian Kopack

Ian Kopack
We’re always curious about what students think about the technology available at Penn State, so we figured we’d go straight to the source!

Full Name: Ian Kopack

Major: Mechanical engineering

Year: Senior


1. What technologies at Penn State do you use the most?

I'm an avid user of MATLAB, SolidWorks, Photoshop, Blender, and AutoCAD—software that usually aren't available for free. But at Penn State, the computer labs have these programs installed plus many more. It's convenient to not have to carry around my laptop all day because I know I can access these programs on campus when I need them.


2. What’s your favorite technology service you have access to as a student?

One of the neat things that Penn State has is their partnership with PNC Bank. Besides the financial perks of a student checking account, students also have the benefit of being able to link their Penn State id+ card to the account, allowing it to be used just like a debit card. It's really useful to have, and it’s saved me a few times from having to dig through my wallet when my id+ card was right in my pocket.

3. What technology resources do you wish you would have known about as an incoming first-year student?

Being involved in clubs and organizations has played a huge role in making my time here at Penn State something special. What becomes a challenge, though, is that sometimes it's difficult to find out what types of clubs and organizations are even out there. But, that's where the Student Organization Directory comes into play. With a simple keyword search, you can discover all the different clubs and organizations at Penn State along with basic descriptions and contact info. My first semester I didn't get the opportunity to check out the entirety of the involvement fair, so it would have been great to know this site was available for me to browse through when I had the chance.


4. What Penn State technologies do you recommend students to take advantage of?

Penn State's WebFiles and WebApps are extremely convenient resources that are available to all students. Many students are aware that WebApps allows remote access to programs like the Microsoft Office Suite and MATLAB, but not many know that WebFiles allows students to access all of the files that are stored on their account on Penn State's servers. Both of these tools make life easier for off-campus living and days when the computer labs are packed to capacity.


5. Are there any new technologies available to students? If so, what are they? How do they work?

Not quite that new, but becoming increasingly popular are the ride-sharing and food delivery services like Uber, GrubHub, and OrderUp, which make life easier for Penn State students who don't have a car to get around. If you end up without the time to go get something to eat because you're busy studying or you missed the bus and have no other way to get to class on time, these services are available and simple to use.

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